‘Hillside Coast Farms’ is a Sustainable Micro-Farm in Roberts Creek British Columbia Canada

Nigerian Dwarf Goats


The farm is home to Nigerian Dwarf Goats. The smallest dairy variety in the world. Guest’s of our Airbnb are welcome to spend time with the goats. Each Spring and Summer new kids (babies) are born at the farm. To learn more about our goat’s pedigree on the Canadian Livestock registry (CLRC) you can click here 


Free Range Chickens and Eggs

Nothing tastes better and is more nutritious than naturally and organically raised chickens and their eggs. Our Barnyard Heritage breeds produce an array of colored shells that you will not find in your local grocery store. Our hens are as unique as their rainbow eggs.

Natural Organic Chicken Eggs for Sale in Roberts Creek Sunshine Coast British Columbia Canada


Natural Organic Garlic

Have you ever tried natural and organic Russian red garlic grown in rich soil? The flavor is exceptional and you can use it for cooking so many dishes. Available seasonally at the farm. The heads of garlic are very large almost the size of an apple.


Cut Flower Farm 

Dahlias, peonies, roses are among the flowers that are grown on the farm for fresh market bouquets. Custom orders are available during the growing season. We are continually experimenting with new and different varieties every year. Great for weddings, birthdays, parties, and event needs.

buy dahlia flowers for weddings events birthdays parties from local flower farm in roberts creek british columbia canada


Little Free Library

A miniature version of the farmhouse is registered at ‘Little Free Library’ which encourages you to take a book and leave a book. It can be located at the entrance to the south driveway. All are welcome. Please try to leave things as you find them.

free mini library book exchange at hillside coast farms in roberts creek british columbia canada


Short Term Vacation Rental in Roberts Creek

Located at the farm is one of the best short term vacation rentals in Roberts Creek called ‘The Crows Nest‘ which includes a one-bedroom suite with a full bathroom, full kitchen, living room, fold-out couch, television, outdoor spaces, BBQ, hot tub, free-wifi, washing machine and dishwasher, plenty of private parking and full access to the farm as below in photos, you can check out the availability and rent it by visiting their profile on Airbnb.

Photo Gallery of Things To Enjoy For Guests of the Airbnb Rental in Roberts Creek

Hillside Coast Farms Roberts Creek British Columbia Canada